How to invest in in guaranteed value... -

How to invest in in guaranteed value…

Redding's only indoor and outside photo studio.

Fall is a great time for high school senior and family photos with TA Schmidt Photography in Redding CA.

Had a Redding high school senior Mom in yesterday viewing images from the yearbook photo shoot.

Shot after shot she was thrilled with what we had created for her son.

At the same time she was sad that her older child a couple years ago never wanted or bothered to have senior portraits made.

A typical boy that did not understand how important the visual history is to a family and community.

The Mom went on talking about how she only had a few baby photos her son.

She regretted never having a real pro studio session while the kids were growing up.

Now, with the empty nest just months away she finally understands the value of taking the time and if need be forcing the issue to have good photographs made while the kids and family are at hand.

How are your visual investments doing? Do you need to update your kids and family photos now?


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