Hundreds of little kids in Redding... -

Hundreds of little kids in Redding…

Senior pics

Only a month left for senior photo deadlines. In the studio AND outdoors give you a complete session with lots of variety.

It’s been a busy week.

Every year about this time we photograph some private schools and preschools for the annual “school pictures” day.

It is always a blast working with the kids all excited and prepped by Mom.

Imagine photographing over 100 children under the age of 4 years in a morning!

Some shy and afraid and others alive and full of spunk!

Each one we do are best to get a warm happy expression that Mom and Grandma will be proud to share.

We are VERY different in the way we approach the picture days.

It takes us longer to do the schools than the national chains because we work with each and every child to get a great photo.

For us it is not a contest to see how fast we can get out of the school.

We are shooting for the parents and esteem of the child.

We believe in creating memories…


tom s


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