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Where were you the day the world changed?

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I vividly remember the 9/11 morning waking up to CNN news and the video of the planes taking down the twin towers.

Like most I was shocked at seeing the tiny bodies leaping out of the burning building to fall to their death.

The country was gripped in a fear we have not seen before.

Then more bad news with the Pentagon and third plane nose diving into the field.

Our world changed forever.

No longer were we safe being an ocean away from the crazies that have fought for centuries.

Now, in our backyard, we had to deal with a mindset we Americans just saw on the news.

The only good thing I could see from the event was how it brought America together for a few years.

The slumbering nation stood up with pride and resolve to overcome.

For a brief moment we were all brothers united in spirit.

Now, I can feel an under current again cutting away at the American Dream.

Too many factions, too many race issues that should not be back on the front page and too many people expecting to sit around waiting for the government to take care of them.

Rise up America.

Not to bitch and whine but to again grow the greatest country ever on the face of this earth.


tom s


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