Tooth tips for better portraits -

Tooth tips for better portraits

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family photo sessions

First of our Look-a-Like winners on display!


We are a third of the way through the 2015 high school senior season already.

Lots of kids with great skills, hobbies and interests have been working with us to create the best images of their life.

There have been a couple areas that we hope to help the rest of the senior class better prepare for their photos…. and any family or children’s sessions in the future!

First, more than usual,¬† we are seeing two toned teeth. A bright smile with a cloud or milky cast over parts of them. So I called my dentist Ron Zufall and here is what he said…

“Likely due to over the counter bleaching products. ¬†Tends to lighten the top of the teeth first and best, the gumline not so well. ¬†Bleaching splint from their dentist would do a better job.”

Plus, start earlier… not a day or two before the photo shoot!

More tips tomorrow…


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