Six weeks for seniors... -

Six weeks for seniors…

Redding seniors love TA Schmidt Photography

High school seniors around the North State are doing senior pix right now. Call 244-2636 to lock in your spot!

With the start of September we are down to only six weeks until deadlines for yearbook photos.

For those students working after class, playing sports or juggling College credits that means only six prime Saturdays available for the full deluxe photo shoots.

Of course we can do your session Monday thru Fridays during or after school.

But the morning times are best with cooler temps outside and everyone more bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Full indoor/outside shoots are still only $10 an outfit with a minimum of three clothing sets.

That gives you variety and options so you know you will have nailed what you want.

Remember to gather different clothing styles, props, pets, and friends to make your custom session a memorable experience.

The better your prepare the better your result…. just like final exams and life in general!


tom s


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