Really, WHO are you? -

Really, WHO are you?

The world is but a stage and we are the actors, or something like that from our old English friend Shakespeare.

Who you are depends on context, who is around you and where you are located at the moment.

You carry a different persona with family than with friends.

At work you are a different person than the wild and crazy one at the beach.

So your on-line character does and must change to.

What are you trying to say to the billions of folks that can glimpse into your life?

Redding headshots

Life is a performance and you need the tools to be seen and remembered.

Professional and confident.

A silly selfie.

Warm and fuzzy.

Every time you offer out on-line off off a piece of your self the end goal must be kept in mind.

First time impressions are often the last.

How do you want to wedge your self into the cranium real estate of the viewers?

What can you visually say to be remembered?

TA Schmidt Photography does headshots for business, acting, singers, models and social media.

Is it time to step up your game?


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