Telling a Family Picture Story... -

Telling a Family Picture Story…

Family pictures from Redding Photographer TA Schmidt

Choose the right clothing to tell a story about you and your family.

So how do you do a great family portrait when it is 105 degrees outside?

You shoot in the studio!

Cool and comfortable. Private dressing rooms. Lots of backgrounds and props to choose from for your style.

But the important part is how you dress.

Sure it could be a nice formal portrait with everyone wearing their Sunday best.

Or more California Casual with nice slacks and polo shirts.

Maybe sports related with the gang wearing their fav jersey from the Giants or 49ers or even those cross the bay Raiders…..

The great things is you can share some personality with the clothing you choose to wear.

A peek into the family dynamic.

And you can do it with color, cut and style.

Be bold or be traditional.  Your choice with a TA Schmidt Photography portrait.


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