Great... only 109' today... -

Great… only 109′ today…

Family rreunion photo time

Got family home for a reunion or special event? Bring them in for a photo shoot at the studio or in your home.

So how many days over 100 do you think we will see this summer?

Last year was a dream with lots of days in the 90’s and even some cool 80’s that were so refreshing.

Yet another reason to take that short drive on 299W to Eureka and enjoy the coast, fresh crab and black berries that should be about ripe any day.

With summer winding down we are getting the last of the family reunions into the cool studio for photos.

Groups as large as 27 people (with 11 of them kids under 6 years old!)  have been photographed already this mid year break.

High school seniors continue to file in for all kinds of fun pix for family and the yearbook.

Of course we always have some children sessions on the book. Newborns, first year pix and lots of birthday photos.

Check your walls above the fireplace and sofa. Need new pix to brighten up the home? I know someone that can help! 🙂


tom s


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