Summer Family Gathering in Redding -

Summer Family Gathering in Redding

Capture your family this summer with a great TA Schmidt family portrait

Indoors or outside your summertime family portrait will be a treasure for generations.

Summertime and the Holidays are when you most likely have the family gathering.

Unless of course you count the weddings and funerals… events more than social meet ups.

With so many of the family living out of the area, state and even country a great way to take advantage of the clan being home is with a fresh new family portrait.

It could be in the cool and comfortable TA Schmidt Photography downtown studio, on the lake with your boat, at your home showing off your landscaping or an area that has some special meaning or memory.

Then there is also the Eureka beach sessions done at sunset.

Always popular with the many families that escape the Redding heat each summer.

It is a special moment you can never return or replace.

Catch it if you can with great photos.


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