Redding high school senior pictures choices -

Redding high school senior pictures choices

Seniors choose studio AND outdoor photos for senior pics

Three clues it’s too hot for outdoor portraits

With just about 4 weeks left until school begins again the North state 2015 senior class are getting yearbook and senior photos made.

While some enlightened schools allow the students to go anywhere to best match personality and price concerns other schools do the contract program where one photographer (or out of town big corporation) keeps the final images consistent through out the book.

Either way YOU can choose any photographer for your personal photos.

Your Mom’s friend with the new camera is all too happy to let you play model out in the park.

Of course you will need to come up with the poses that don’t look dorky or stiff.

And the lighting may not best illustrate your best features.

Plus that 104′ heat could effect how comfortable you are and what sweat does to clothing and girls makeup.

Or you could make life easy and do a full indoor outdoor session here at TA Schmidt Photography.

Three INDOOR air conditioned studios in one.

MakeOvers available next door for the ladies.

Private portrait park just a few steps away.

Custom mobile lighting to help you look great.

It should be a no-brainer where to go for your important senior shoot.  Call us at 244-2636 to schedule.


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