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End of the Senior 2014 Era

Redding's HIgh School Senior Central

TA Schmidt Photography has the only complete indoor outdoor photo studio in Redding.

The current class of 2014 seniors are counting down the minutes before they can move on to the next adventure.

Top Dog at school.

Head of the class.

Chief of the totem pole.

And soon to start over again on the bottom of the structure as lowly freshman once again.

Life is like that.

One day you are top of the world and then stuff happens and you must begin again.

It’s all a learning journey.

Some lessons easy and others hard to accept.

You are learning right?
Class of 2015 seniors start in just weeks.We have sooooo much new stuff for them to enjoy.

Anderson High School now has a new contract photographer for the first time in years… TA Schmidt Photography.

Remember…. ALL seniors can go to ANY photographer for their personal senior pix. It is just the yearbook shots that are required from who ever your school has chosen to be the main shooter.


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