Redding CA Middle School Seniors-8th Grade Graduations -

Redding CA Middle School Seniors–8th Grade Graduations

Graduation photo time with Redding Photographer TA Schmdt

Graduation portrait for 8th graders and high school seniors and college grads.

Those 6, 7 and 8th graders are the poor kids that most need a good photographer and are least likely to get great portraits.  The Slam Bam school pictures never do them justice and they are past the “cute” age when parents drag them to the Mall every few months for Grandma update shots.

For the girls and boys racing towards teenage adventures it is often an awkward time with body and skin changes with braces thrown in to make things even worse.

That is why the milestone 8th grade graduation photo is such an important image for the family.

Gone is the little Smerf where Mom controls much of the daily activity.

Now, a bit more independence and attitude.

More responsibility.

Much more self awareness.

We love working with the age to create those transition portraits. The time between a child and a young man or woman.

And Grad photos with the new suit or dress are perfect.

Bring the family and make it a special portrait for all to remember.


tom s



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