Last Minute 2014 Graduation Announcements Available -

Last Minute 2014 Graduation Announcements Available

Redding's Grad Card one stop shop

Graduation Announcements printed and mailed the next day!

The “wait until the last minute” folks have been keeping the studio hopping for grad cards. Mostly high school seniors but also 8th grade grads and even a couple college kids are returning 4  (or 5!) years after we did their senior pix. There is still time to get a great photo shoot if you have been waiting and have grad cards in the mail by mid next week!

Do you have a grad card you need printed, addressed and mailed FAST?

We have a system that can get it done in 24 hours…. IN THE MAIL for under two bucks each including postage.

In fact, the first two cards are on me… FREE.

Just go to and click on the bottom right link to send a card. If you need some help you can call me at 244-2636 and I would be happy to help walk you through the easy process. Better yet, we can make an appointment and have you drop by the studio and I will personally help you build your custom photo grad card!

The kids are out of school in just days so don’t wait.  We are good but not quite magic!


tom s


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