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What’s Your Favorite Age to Photograph?

I get that question every week.

Or what is my favorite THING to photograph?

And the answer is always the same….. just depends on the day!

If I could be shooting anywhere it would be on a coastline. Could be Eureka… or the Bering Sea in NW Alaska. I loved the coast of Malta and really want to see Africa's miles and miles of ocean.

With people kids are always a kick.

Four year old little girls really are princesses for a few years. Seven year old boys know the world is an adventure awaiting their arrival.

Teens and senior portraits are a blast because they are in their prime and want to look great in their images that we can create to show their style and personality.

Then families that we have photographed generation after generation watching them grow and the kids move off to become successful with their own life cycle starting anew.

Of course those 50th anniversary photos and birthday pix of the 90-100 year olds that have stories to tell of how life really was so many years ago. All the lessons learned and still the excitment for the present.

It's all good.

It's all a story we love to tell that can be shared with family and friends.

Not just now…. but  for years to come for all those that follow.


tom s


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