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“Selfie Secrets” from Redding Photographer

Selfie Sec

Have you ever noticed that most people, especially women, hold their phones above their eye level when doing selfies?

Ever wonder why… because it is very clever?

It’s a simple law of physics every photographer should know.

What ever is closest to the camera appears larger and what ever is farther way is diminished.
So a slightly high camera angle will highlight and enlarge your eyes making them stand out more. But more important to many folks it will make the body appear smaller in relation.

Wow, instant big beautiful eyes and a nice smaller bod.

A lower camera angle will make you appear wider and more squat. Less appealing and elegant.

How is this helpful when choosing a professional photographer?

Checking out how tall they are would be an interesting and unusual first step.
If you were to hire a 5’ 6” photographer and you are anything over 5’ 7”s all the photos would be taken looking UP at you. Highlighting your chin and looking up your nose rather than featuring your eyes and expression.

Of course hiring a shooter the size of Manute Bol would to the extreme and result in diminishing returns where the photos are looking down to the top of your head!

Where this is the biggest challenge is with wedding photos and the bride.
All that white gown also makes the subject appear larger and dominates the space in the image.
So a low angle from a short photographer immediately is two strikes against you looking wonderful.

When scouting for a photographer for your next session— an engagement, family, kids, high school senior or boudoir— look at their work and see what height they were taken. Was it a lower angle or the more flattering higher angle. Then choose the studio that works best for you.


tom s

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