Changes... so many great changes! -

Changes… so many great changes!

Hair and MakeOvers Again Available

You are going to be so happy with all the cool stuff we have happening at the studio. The team of productivity elves have been working their little buns off rebuilding this website into a new and much more useful source of information. The head elf tells me to expect it up and running by the end of the month and it will finally include pricing, 24/7 on-line session reservations/booking and several FAQ pages to answer all your burning questions… and a few you may not have thought about asking.

I promise we are using great LOCAL folks to build the site…. not the ObamaCare knuckleheads that still can't make their program run right!

Of course there is even more great news.


Easy, stress free ways to get your hair and makeup done.

Look AMAZING in your high school senior, glamour or family photos… or just for a night on the town.

Our new stylist is Trina Fee working right next door in the Claws building.

We will be showing off more of her traditional and show work in the months to come.

P1330887 New stylist side

Also, watch for our Spring Fling dates we will confirm in the next few days. The great new background and props are perfect for pix with the kid's Easter or Spring clothing. New packages also availabe to get you all the images you want to share and own.


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