Redding Photographer Reveals all...Check in Area -

Redding Photographer Reveals all…Check in Area

It just amazes me how few of all these new clients have seen the inside of a real studio.

Sears portrait studio does not count.

The school library does not count.

Little Suzy Shoemaker with the new Costco camera shooting in the field does not count.

For the next week or two I will walk you thru much of Photography. You will see parts of where you get photographed inside and the Hollywood style portrait park outdoors plus the order rooms and overall layout of where we will work to get the best photos of your life.

Let the tour begin….

First of all we are located downtown Redding at 1326 Trinity Street. That is just one block NORTH of Eureka Way dead center between Pine and Market Streets.  There is free parking in front of the shop and off street parking behind the studio when you take the narrow drive on the West side of the building. Do drive slow in case we are doing a shoot in the area!

If you have lots of stuff to carry you can call us at 244-2636 on your cellphone so we can help you move it in if we are not with another customer. Your first view of the studio interior will look much like this.

Front room
Here you will check in, cool off and after your session photos are ready a couple days later you will view all the images we made. Of course you can choose single photos or packages that will usually be ready in 10-14 days after you have made a 50% deposit.

Remember, we do high school seniors, family, children, pets and business portraits. We love doing engagement sessions but we still do not do weddings. If you need catalog images for brochures or the web we can also help with that.

See ya in a couple days when I take you thru the show room!


tom s

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