Summertime fun with Redding Photographer -

Summertime fun with Redding Photographer

Hope you had a great 4th of July.  As usual we enjoyed the Redding fireworks which really seem to get better each year.  Looks like the BoomBoom guys learned a few new tricks over the last year that they added to the show. The multi stage rockets are getting so complex and colorful. Wishe we had the show more than once a year!

Just a reminder that summer is a great time of year for pix with family and kids. Family during little holidays like the 4th often mean the entire clan is in town and available. Kids because no school and stres of getting them ready.

Of course seniors 2014 season is here and we are already photographing kids from 4 different schools. Call 244-2636 to get on the schedule so we can play…


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