Senior Portraits in Redding Ca from Photographer -

Senior Portraits in Redding Ca from Photographer

Here we are again with Grad Week.

One group of seniors moves onto the challenges and adventure of college while the graduating 8th graders step up into the big leagues of high school, cars, dating and choosing a direction for their future.

Fun times.

For those 2014 seniors a last summer before the responsibilities grow.

Still safe in the family nest a chance to learn and grow before the taking wing into adulthood.

Hope we can share your journey with senior portraits that tell your story.

Remember, you can use the photographer of your choice for your senior pix.  The yearbook mugshot is the only one you need to have done by the contract folks if your school chooses to force you to one place. 

Be safe all but have a great time while you explore a new summer.


tom s


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