Redding Photographer sees trend as a national issue -

Redding Photographer sees trend as a national issue

I was reading an article this morning that was sent to be from a VIP client.

The sad story highlighted a problem I have already seen and heard many times right here in Redding. 

Untrained people with new cameras and a biz card thinking they can make a fortune snapping away at important events when they really have no clue what they are doing.

What can you lose?

The newborn photos that were a gift certificate from a friend to some new " photographer"  that were so dark you could not tell what was going on and then "tricked up" with Photoshop so it was supposed to be ART. 

Sorry, crappy photos are still crappy no matter how much you use Photoshop.

Then the beautiful bride that still after 3 months did not have photos to show and share with family and friends.

What takes 3 months to do? 

Experience does make a difference. Good lighting highlights your best features. Good posing hides those little flaws you wish were not there. A cool and comfortable studio means not sweating in the park with all the other wannabes.

Choose a pro.


tom s

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