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What are you losing?

We are getting more and more calls with people concerned about their family history fading before their eyes or in the case of digital, wiped out with a single hard drive crash.

Now that everyone has a camera, whether it is a cellphone, point and shoot or high end DSL, billions of photos are taken each day but very few are being printed.  They are all "safely" tucked away on a hard drive or CD so "someday" they will be viewed and printed for display.

I even know a high end photographer who's wedding was 7 years ago and has not bothered to take the images off her CD!  Family wants to see the shots, she wants a cool coffee table album– but has not taken the time to do anything!

Now is a great time to have some REAL photographs made or restored.

Something tangible.

Something you can hold.

Something to be shared.

And yes…. we can restore old photos here. Your images never leave the studio so no worry about mailing the originals across the country. And it can be surprisingly inexpensive to have major work done to get back the sparkle and pop you want in your photos.


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