Soooo beauuuutiful/Downtown Redding CA -

Soooo beauuuutiful/Downtown Redding CA

You have to admit it would be hard to find a more beautiful entry into a city than we have right here in Redding with the Sacramento River winding it's way South. The twists and turns past the Market St. bridge thru Turtle Bay and down to Anderson is a raft ride or flight worth the time and effort.

When you add to our scenic splendor the fact that we have some of the best fishing in the state you wonder how we manage to stay off the radar of all these companies looking to locate in an area that is family friendly. Just one good new company with a Vision and a forward thinking CEO could again transform this sleepy burg into a dynamic force.

I gotta feeling we may be close.  There is change in the winds….


tom s


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