So many projects this time of year... -

So many projects this time of year…

My head is spinning with so many different events and jobs going on this time of year plus working on the marketing and new products I want to introduce for seniors, family and glamour sessions. The first week in May alone I have 3 events we will be attending with a show booth or being a major contributor for publicity or auctions.

All the while we continue to test new gear and backgrounds that are coming in and in the evenings I am hammering away at learning two huge new software programs that will again expand what we can do and how fast we can deliver. The pace just seems to keep getting faster and the information overload starts to get overwhelming unless you set your limits as to how much of your life you are willing to sacrafice.

The great news is that you never have time to get bored! Lots of goals and things to explore.

I hope your day is full of discovery too!


tom s


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