No April Fools here... -

No April Fools here…

The new month begins with a lot of prep for projects this Spring and summer senior season.

The main camera room is getting fresh paint for a new "natural window light"  set, the "white room"  is getting a new textured and tiled wall plus new props– all being  put together right now. 

As the weather warms up the outdoor portrait park will be ready for the annual clean up after a few more drying out days.  We have added new plants and a fun new summer scene that will be really fun to hang out in.

Of course we are still rolling along with the last of our Kids Contest pix for the year. There is less than two months of time left to get involved and get great pix of your kids for jsut $19.95 with two outfits and multiple backgrounds.


Call Photography at 244-2636 to save your place.


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