Done for the year with Woodland Nymphs -

Done for the year with Woodland Nymphs

We finished the final Fairy at 5pm on Saturday evening. Another great turn out and the kids all had a blast! Since we offer the annual promo only two ways you will have to wait until next year if you missed out unless you sponsor a Studio Play Date.

Play Dates are exclusive 1/2 day blocks of time that are ideal memorable activities for birthday parties, sleepovers and Preschool and Kindergarden graduation get togethers. For only $300 you can bring up to 30 kids for a theme session like the Woodland Nymph, or Holiday Magic or Rodeo Cowtown. These spots MUST be reserved in advance to make certain we have time for your group and have the resources on hand to have great props and backgrounds! You can call Photography at 244-2636 to secure your theme and time.


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