Final Malta pix and thoughts... -

Final Malta pix and thoughts…

Of course when I travel I am checking out other biz. It was surprising to see only one photo studio and one art gallery during our entire trip!  Maybe we were in the wrong areas but with a week on a small island like that I would have expected more.


My most memorable biz observation is how male and female shop owners and managers just "hang out" on the front step of their establishment when no customers are inside. Mostly the guys, smoking and looking cool in the doorway. Attire was a big change too. The men were almost always in suit and sie while the women usually looked ready to go out on the town for a nice evening.


We had many wonderful meals while there… many downstairs in 400 year old buildings.  All but one of the restaurants were owned by Brits! The cabbie told us that heating costs are so high around London that it is cheaper for them to vacation in Malta for 3 months than it is to heat thier homes!


Have a great week…

tom s


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