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Tis the season for brides

While we don't do weddings any more we still do more than our share of engagement portraits and storybook albums. These are some of my fav sessions because we get to work in the studio and on several locations to really tell a STORY about the couple.

These can be done anywhere. Local is fine but if you have  special location we can and do travel. It's always a big treat when we head to the coast and shoot on the beach and in the old parts of Eurreka and Ferndale. Even more fun this time of year is Mexico–Cabo and Cancun both have wonderful areas to shoot and are not too pricey to fly down and stay for a long weekend.

If you are not satisfied with the usual lame photos in someone's backyard or at the park give me a call to talk about what could be done to make this time speical.

Did you know that the famous Wedding March was first played on this day in 1858?


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