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A busy week on the road…

Today I head out to Salt Lake City for some advanced training with the SendOutCards biz. We had a spectacular year in 2011 printing nearly a million cards a day during the Holiday rush. This weekend's conference will show new products, techniques, prizes and bonuses to be earned this new year! I see a VERY good year ahead and cannot wait to get started with the new tools and offerings.

In the studio we have been doing some model portfolios since Xmas in addition to all the family sessions we normally get. These are always fun for me to see how many faces and looks we can get out of a subject. So many people get duped into the traveling "model discovery" gigs you see at the Holiday Inn and Red Lion. They look at your child and are "shocked" that you are not already making gazzilions of dollars with their unique look here in the thriving mega advertising mecca of Redding. For just $2,000 they will put your child's photo on line for thousands of agencies to see! You might even get some lame modeling classes that will really screw up your kid!

Don't believe it.

You want to model?

Move to LA.

Or New York.

Anything else is "B" catagory and most likely to waste your cash.


tom s


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