Santa Pix for Kids and Glamour -

Santa Pix for Kids and Glamour

Right now we are offering two fun Santa promos.

1. For newborns or small children we love having the child's DADDY be Santa! 

Imagine how cool it can be for the family to tell the story for years how Dad got to hold his child for those first precious Holiday photos. This makes wonderful Christmas cards and can be a great decorator piece to have on the wall during the Holidays. We supply all the Santa costume accesories so all you need is Daddy and child.

2. "I saw Mommy Kiss Santa" is a fun glamour session in the classic 40's pin up style. Hubby or Boyfriend gets to play Santa while the woman does her best Santa Baby flirt. These are designed for intimate albums that will be a great memory each Christmas into the future.

Both of these sessions are only $49 each and you can still get pix back by Christmas for giving to family and friends.


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