Last minute seniors and first call family sessions... -

Last minute seniors and first call family sessions…

Yep, we are still doing senior pix for late deadlines and for those Shasta kids that were less than impressed with the Yearbook scam they had foisted upon them. It's still a great time of year for any kind of outdoor sessions with the fall colors starting to show.

Watch later this week too for our new TV comemrcial on Channel 7 and a TON of Cable channels. I should have a video up soon to show you the great FREE photo shoot program if you donate to the Kirshner Wildlife Foundation.

For family pix, Holiday cards and Glamour gifts for hubby and boyfriends this is the best deal of the year.

Call to lock in your spot at 244-2636.


tom s


BTW… Did you happen to catch that 49er vs Lions game on Sunday……………….  


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