Yearbook Revolt in Redding -

Yearbook Revolt in Redding

Redding Ca Senior 2012 Question!
Shasta HS had a brain f##t and contracted with Lifetouch/Prestige to do this year's senior yearbook photos. You know Lifetouch… the same people that have done your lovely school pictures the last 11 years.  I am looking for a couple Shasta kids that have used the service this last couple weeks…. what was your experience like? 

Trust me… I will make it work your while for a ten minute chat. I have an idea to let the school know how much you enjoyed being shut down even after your voiced concerns and petition rallying against the contract non-choice.  You can email me at or call 244-2636 9-5 M-F.

PS… I have heard thru a couple kids there is a movement afloat to boycott the Yearbook this year. Not just the senior class but all classes since they will ahve to follow what ever course is laid this year. It might be time to look at the cool new digital yearbooks that include video, music and are MUCH cheaper.


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