Viral or vacant...being seen in the digital world -

Viral or vacant…being seen in the digital world

Was talking last night with some friends about the new world around us when it comes to marketing. Having been in biz for over 30 years we learned to depend on newspaper, radio, TV and Direct Mail to grow the company a little each year.

Now days things are different. Many newspapers have simply shut down. Radio is being effected by Pandora and satelitte SIRIUS options, TV has gone from a few stations to hundreds and direct mail is just geting more expensive every day with postage and printing.

The new social media is intriguing.

Facebook and MySpace are the new water cooler hang out spots. So many conversations start and end on line. But as an artist, photographer, imager… I still like visual means and ways.

Which makes Youtube an interesting tool.

We talked a lot about viral videos and how a funny clip can drive traffic and build a fan base. But what is funny to some folks will be a big yawn or offensive to others.

Here is a McDonald's commercial we all liked… next we will see if we can come up with something fun too!


tom s


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