March Madness Sadness -

March Madness Sadness

I am sooo bummed.  My two underdog favs for the NCAA college basketball have been booted before reaching the Elite 8.  BYU with the high scoring Jimmer and SDSU Aztecs where my daughter goes to school both were on the wrong end of the scoreboard. Such is life…

Bunny University starts next week…

On Monday we pick up the new furry little stars for the bunny pix and get them trained to work with all the kids we photograph each year. We want them used to being handled and stay mellow and sweet for the long week we shoot each Spring. Session times are still open so call 244-2636 to lock in your time. You don't have to use that 7 foot tall Easter rabbit at the Mall for your kids' Spring photos… do it natural with Real Live Bunnies!


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