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Puppy dog tails/Redding Photographer

For years when we have photographed children it has been mostly little girls.  Little angels, fairies, dancers… anything sugar and spice and everything nice.

Moms always love dressing up the little princess and parading them thru the studio for photos that everyone adores. All the while little brothers are ignored or forgotten when it comes to photos.

Add to that the few photos boys do get are usually the annual team/sports pix. You know the TBall and Pop Warner shots were they tell the child to look mean or with an attitude.  Year after year the boys are trained not to smile. How dumb is THAT?!

That is why when WE get little boys to photograph my main job is getting them looking like the little monkeys they really are every day. I want to see the wheels spinning behind the eyes and watch as they plot and plan their next adventure.

When did your boys last get a great portrait to show the personality and fun you hold dear? For only $9.95 the Kids Contest is the perfect time to make Mommy and Grandma happy with a unique gift. Call me at 244-2636 to schedule.





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