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Popping the question…

Did you know that there are more marriage proposals made during the Christmas Holiday season than any other time of year?

I always found that interesting given the hustle and bustle and stress of the moment.  I would have figured Valentines Day or some time in Spring when Nature and the world tries to renew itself.

That all reminds me to share with you our wedding policy at the studio. While we do NOT do any local weddings we are happy to chat about a destination resort wedding or Cruise ship ceremony. After shooting over 700 weddings in our 32 years in business we have narrowed down our focus to those events that allow us to be creative and tell a romantic story.

Locally we DO love to shoot engagment sessions, formal bridals to show off those wonderful expensive dresses and formal groups here in the studio. If you know any of the many brides that have chosen to have family document the wedding but still would like a professional studio shot let us know. For years I shot wedding dresses for catalogs and the major Bridal magazines and have always enjoyed the unique challenges of making the dress and model look great.


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