The Gift only you can give/Redding Photographer -

The Gift only you can give/Redding Photographer

With all the crazy shopping frenzy of chain stores open at 2 AM and a limited stock of trinkets and gadgets you might consider a gift that is more meaningful and will be kept and treasured for generations.

A portrait of yourself, or kids or family is a thoughtful gift that grows in value every year. These times not captured are gone forever yet a portrait is the perfect insurance to hold what is dear.  Plus right now you can get Gift Certificates with a 50% bonus.  Purchase a $100 certificate and we will give you a total of $150 credit if used in the first 6 months of 2011. Spend $500 on a certificate and get an extra $250 to spend on any combination of photos and albums you wish!

The Holiday Bonus Certificates are on sale thru Dec 15th so drop by or call in with your credit card.


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