Africa Update... -

Africa Update…

On Sunday we dropped off daughter to the SF airport for her nearly 24 hour flight to Africa. Tanzania to be more accurate….

She arrived this morning our time and right at the sunset their time since they are about 9 hours ahead of us. Got a text that all was well and we hope to be seeing photos soon!

I'll try to make a weekly update post with images as we get them from her. The Iphone international plan so far is working with text but we have not seen any pix yet. More later…


tom s

  1. Ron Larsen says:

    Wow Bekah,
    Awesome pics. Congrats on being a senior.

  2. Tracy Wagner says:

    Beautiful. Great smile, awesome legs.

  3. Marcella Wagner says:

    Awesome! You look sweet and sexy at the same time. I can’t wait to see the rest. You are beautiful.

  4. Lisa says:

    Smart and Gorgeous! Congrats in advance. Wish you the best of everything.
    Lisa P.

  5. Katrinah says:

    hey sis i can’t believe you look so tall in the pictures!

  6. Kevin and Jen says:

    Beautiful pics Bekah!

  7. patsy w says:

    wow! what a beautiful girl could be a professional model

  8. grandma says:

    you’ve always been beautiful on the outside, but you are more beautiful on the inside.

  9. faith <3 says:

    Im so glad that I got to watch these pictures being taken! You have always been so beautiful! But I honestly did not know that you were such a great model:) im gonna miss you senior year bby!

  10. Susie LaPrelle says:

    I love the video. A senior. You are beautiful. I think you should think of doing this professionally. It looks like it was alot of fun. Have a great senior year. Love Susie L

  11. garrett says:

    Great Photos Awesome

  12. betty says:

    smart and beautiful,too! you have it all..congratulations. wonderful pictures ..the camera loves you.

  13. Kimberly Arzadon says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!

  14. Traveling m an says:

    you’re a beautiful niece. have a good senior year. uncel charles

  15. Dina K says:

    You are such a beautiful girl! Smart too. You are one of our favorite young people, and you give us hope for the future! Reach for the stars!!!!!

  16. Melissa C. says:

    May you always be as strong, beautiful, and happy as these photos portray. I cannot begin to express my admiration for the person you’ve become. These pictures only begin to show the amazing qualities you have, inside and out. You’ve always been a beautiful child and now you shine as an even more beautiful woman. May you enjoy this final year of childhood, before embarking upon the great journey of adulthood. All my love! Miss

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