TGIF 7.16.10 -

TGIF 7.16.10

The only thing hotter than the great senior pix we are making is the temperatures outside! Lots of fun with great seniors and props, hobbies and special activities. Keep checking back to see all your friends getting the best in 2011 pix!


tom s

  1. Mom says:

    So beautiful…my baby is growing up.

  2. Sherrie Bianchi says:

    Kelsey, You look Amazing, I LoVe them, you have definitely grown up.

  3. Jo says:

    that’s my best friend :]
    gorgeous, smart, and loving!
    i love you!!

  4. Pat Majewski says:

    Wow, great pix Kelsey! You are a beautiful, talented young woman.

  5. Lane says:

    awww… I love them! you are beauiful !

  6. Betty says:

    Oh Kelsey We like your pic’s

  7. Shelbie says:

    Sis, you are absolutely beautiful! I love you and I’m going to miss you.

  8. Dad says:

    I can’t believe you are going to be a senior in high school. Great pictures but who is the guy? LOL

  9. jeffffery says:

    baby i love you.
    your pictures are amazing =))))

  10. Rhonda says:

    OMG Kelsey, you look AMAZING!!!! Those photos ROCK!!!!!!!

  11. Denise says:

    WOW….you are tooo awesome!!

  12. Terri Popkes says:

    Awesome! What beautiful pictures Kelsey!

  13. skylar says:

    kelsey you are absolutely beautiful!!

  14. Taylor says:

    Kelsey! You are so gorgeous!
    I love you!!

  15. Sarah says:

    Ahh Kelsey I’m speechless! i can’t believe you’re a senior already, but here we are! these pictures are gorgeous! i love you bunches! xoxox

  16. Sarah Jane says:

    ahh baby girl! You’re so beautiful! i love you babeee =)

  17. Megan S says:

    bootiful my sugar plum ;D

  18. Taryn says:

    ohhhhh kelsey, you’r no wait no no noooo! no ha um hang on , you’re just startin to get such an old fart. you’re just so pretty, and cute, and wonderful.. like a rainbow. i’ll miss you while you’re in boise. and i love you sooooooo much!
    ps “kelsey, im feelin blue…”
    ok im done.

  19. Stew says:

    You look really hot. Let me know when you are 18.

  20. heidi says:

    you’re so beautiful!

  21. Papa Jay says:

    You’ve grown up so much! You’re a good lookin kid kels.

  22. Caitlin says:

    i just love you kelsey 🙂

  23. Sky Pie says:

    kelsey kelsey kelsey. remember when we ran my cousin over with the quad! haha! i’ll miss those days! now we’re both going off to college. xoxo

  24. Mikaela Seegert (you're gym buddy) says:

    you’re a beauty!

  25. kelsey says:

    we are a cute couple jeffery :]]

  26. meggy says:

    kelsey! you’re just always so funny and happy! we’re going to miss you at the gym!!

  27. Jodsin says:

    Kels, i’m going to miss you’re laugh and driving you to oroville every day! have fun in boise!

  28. Shwazimoto Hakamiah says:

    finally, you’re leaving! just kidding kels, we’ll miss you! the pictures are great!

  29. Sydney says:

    you’re HOT!

  30. Dale says:

    you are the apple to my eye. you’re my role model. my one and only poopie.

  31. Mia Faye says:

    kelsey you are really funny and i love you so much!

  32. Maddi says:

    damn girl you’re fineee. and you’re hella good at gym! wordd motha.

  33. Sierra says:

    you look like a delicious apple. i want to eat you all up

  34. Katie says:

    you’re a talented women and you’ll go very far in anything you want to do in life. you’re the hottest blondie alive!

  35. Cosima says:

    Kelsey you are awesome and we all love you so much! Thanks for helping Sydney in gym. 🙂

  36. Mo Maddi, and Sydney says:

    you are so fine, you blow my mind, all the time. you’re way prettier than a lime, and worth more than a dime. perfect.

  37. Candy Kelly says:

    Kelsey, you look so beautiful (nothing like your mother). I am very proud of you!

  38. Larry says:

    Natural smile, lovely pics, your parents must be so proud!

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