Freedom to choose your senior photographer.... -

Freedom to choose your senior photographer….

If you attend one of the few high schools that still has an old fashioned contract photographer you need to know the truth.  Don't be confused by their ambiguous and misleading letters regarding senior pix. 

You CAN go to ANY photographer for your senior photos that you use for friends and family and put into the Yearbook popular grad ads.

The contract studio is only required for the Yearbook Mug Shot. 

All the cool pix you want to have friends remember you from can be done by your favorite personal studio! And if your personal favorite happens to be us you are in luck!  The indoor/outdoor deluxe photo shoot with up to 5 outfits has been slashed to just $30 PLUS you get double prints on any two gift sizes!

Call 244-2636 to lock in your time.


tom s

  1. jake says:

    gorgeous as always

  2. Tracey Cole says:

    Great pics look awesome!!!!!

  3. Holly says:

    TEHE…I found you. The last one was my favorite. You look beautiful.

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