Great coaching and team heart... -

Great coaching and team heart…

Many clients and all my friends know I am a huge Utah Jazz basketball fan. Not so much because of any individual players like most fans… I like great coaches.  Somehow Utah got a freak of sporting nature… a head coach that has been with the same team for over two decades (unheard of), with a winning season 23 out of 24 years (unmatched) in a small market using mostly players picked late in the draft if drafted at all!

You can imagine how unhappy I was when two of the starting five players ended up lame just in time for the playoffs.  Almost half the offense and defense gone due to injuries and the high scoring Denver team licking their chops for an easy advance to the next round.

Not with Sloan as head coach. After an ugly first game the Jazz went deep into the lineup and dug deep into their hearts. Never give up. Churchill said that. Never, never, never give up. 

And now the Jazz are up 3-1 with a real chance to move on in the playoffs.

So why am I writing all this?

Because it is a great lesson if you are down right now. Tired of the flaky economy and discouraged with life in general 

Action makes things happen. Not thinking about it or dreaming about it. Put the ball to the hardwood and show some grit. Amazing things happen when do…


tom s

Go Jazz


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