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I am often asked…

what my favorite age of child is to photograph. The answer is always the same….

it depends.

Newborn photography is a exercise in calm and patience.

The first year photography uses many skills to overcome challenges in attention span and whether the chold can even hold their head up or sit.

Two year olds are a challenge for many photographers but I find the entertaining and easy.

Those 3-4 year children are the most delightful to work with since the little girls are believing they are a princess.

Growing thru the 5-8 age shows traces of the dominate personalities that are taking hold.

Pre teens from 9-12 are important to Mom since her "baby" is starting to pull away.

Teens at 13-16 want to look more confident and older while parents want them to stay sweet and child like in many cases.

Then finally the high school seniors which give me the most opportunity to create something that will effect their lives. A great high school senior portrait will launch the self esteem and be a huge building block on their self image that will follow them thru life.


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