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Going to the dogs…

The Haven Humane Fundraiser ends next Tuesday so you need to reserve your time now if you want one of the last sessions available next week.  We have been photographing pets and their owners 10 hours a day now for almost two solid weeks. Every size, color and breed possible has trotted thru the studio for an original portrait.  Many owners have also added custom Xmas photo cards to their orders now that we have the super easy SOCBOX in stock. You to can send custom photo cards for the Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and thank you notes for a couple bucks each including postage. Why spend $4-5 on a store bought card when you can have a custom personalized card printed, stuffed, stamped and mailed for you?

Starting next week our annual family promotion for Xmas begins. We have our Food for Photos coming up and the kid's' Winter Wonderland with a brand new set and props. You will love it!


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